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MOMS Club® of Ashland, Kentucky
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The MOMS Club® of Ashland, Kentucky is the local Chapter of a non-profit organization for mothers who have chosen to stay home to raise their children.

We understand that being a stay-at-home mom involves a myriad of joys, compromises and challenges. Our members are there to share each others’ joys, understand and come to terms with the compromises and help each other through challenges.

Our Mission

Our goals are to:

* Provide moral support and friendship to at-home mothers

* Give our young children an opportunity to play together

* Provide a forum for discussing topics of interest to women and have a positive impact on our community through participation in community service projects

Becoming a Member

Do you have questions about our organization? Would you like to become a member or sign up for an upcoming event? Please get in touch via e-mail or the form attached on the "Contact Us" page.


Organization News

Playgroups - Posted on calendars

MOMS Night Out - Held monthly, please check your calendars

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: